3 Tips for Building Strong Engagement with a Digital Loyalty Program

One of the biggest challenges to any rewards program is getting your customers to sign-up and then continue to engage them afterward. When searching for the perfect digital rewards platform, you need to make sure it is simple for you and your customers to use. Here are three tips to build a customer engagement program you and your customers will love.

1.  Don’t Ask for too much information at sign-up.  It amazes me how complicated some of the reward programs make the sign-up process.  They ask you to fill out your birthday, anniversary, address, email address, age, and then you have to go online, register and answer more profiling questions. For each piece of additional information you ask for, your adoption rates are going to decrease.  If you make it easy to sign-up in the beginning and gain permission to engage the customer, then you can always ask for more information later.

2. Incentivize a customer to sign-up.   Don’t we all enjoy a little instant gratification?  You’re asking a customer to give you their personal information and most loyalty programs don’t have a sign-up offer in place to incentivize the customer to give this information.  The instant reward alone will increase your adoption rate dramatically.  We’ve seen single location merchants in the small town of Bowling Green, KY reach over 8000 subscribers in their databases.  They attribute the mass adoption rates to the simplicity of the sign-up process and to the fact that their customers were rewarded for doing so.

3. Personalized Automation.   You are a business owner and you’re busy running a business. You want to put a loyalty program in your store because you want to create more loyal customers by showing your appreciation to your customers that sign-up.  After a customer signs up though, what happens?  What if they are not being that loyal?  You’ll want to have a way to easily and automatically re-engage those customers with a personalized incentive to get them back in your store to spend their money.  Even more importantly, you’ll want to be able to track the results and change your strategy based on the data.

If you have questions on how TL Connects can help you build the perfect customer engagement program, contact us and we can discuss how we’ve built a program that makes it fast and easy for you to engage your customers.

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