3 Ways We Drive Revenue for Small Businesses

When the team at TL Connects was mapping out the digital rewards program, we focused on making our digital rewards program a quantifiable revenue driver for businesses. I’ve learned after years of working with small businesses that most will focus all their marketing energy on driving in new customers while not implementing programs to capture these new customers and turn them into loyal customers.

Are you a business that has been in the same situation and wonders if there is a solution? Well, there is!  We have built a program that will automatically drive more revenue for you in 3 ways:

1. Increasing Customer Frequency. Our digital rewards program has the highest customer adoption rates in the industry because we make it so easy for your customers to sign-up, check-in, & redeem offers. We have merchants that have captured over 8000 loyal subscribers in a single location. Just think how much revenue can be driven if 8000 people come to your store just a couple of extra times per year.

2. Increasing Customer Retention. When a customer has not visited your store, it’s important to remind them why they love your company. TL Connects automates engagement to drive those customers back to your store to spend money. Our automated retention program will send a personalized “We Miss You” text with an offer to drive your customers back. We’ve seen as high as 20% of customers that have not visited, return through our automated engagement. In most cases, this is revenue you never would have seen.

3. Increasing Customer Engagement. Drive traffic for an event, special offer, new menu item, or to boost up a slow day with our robust engagement tools. textALERT marketing allows you to send specific offers that are trackable through our iPad Kiosk. We’ve seen redemptions as high as 25% from textALERT marketing. We’ve had single location merchants that have driven over 200 customers to redeem an offer on a slow day.

We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your business and show you how our digital rewards program might help you drive more revenue. Give us a call at 615-255-3199 to schedule a one-on-one demo.

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