4 proven ways to drive more Smoothie King Text Club sign-ups

We get calls from our Smoothie King partners asking us for more ideas on how to increase the number of subscribers to their Text Clubs. So, we thought it would be helpful to give you the top 4 proven ways to drive more Smoothie King Text Club sign-ups. Listed below are those four methods that have worked best for our merchants in the past and will continue to work in the future.

  1. Kiosk positioning

    Probably the most important way to get more sign-ups to your Smoothie King Text Club is positioning the kiosk appropriately. It should be clearly displayed at the point of sale to get the best results. Placing it at the point-of-purchase is very important so your customers can get the sign up offer discount while ordering. It is also very important to keep your kiosk clean. No one wants to touch a dirty surface. You can use any type of disinfectant wipes. We recommend wiping down daily as you clean your other surfaces.
  2. Employee engagement

    Your new sign-ups will be greatly increased by simply getting employees to ask every customer who orders to sign up. When customers are paying at the counter, ask them, “Would you like to get $2 off your order today? It takes less than 20 seconds to sign-up at the kiosk.” This simple gesture works better than anything else in getting new subscribers to your text club. It works the same way as McDonald’s asking, “Would you like fries with that?” By asking that question alone at checkout, McDonald’s saw 76% of people ordering one product, would then order the product in question also. If that question works that well to get customers to pay more, imagine the results you’ll have to get them to pay less, such as “$2 off”. Furthermore, giving them a discount for such an easy process is great for the customer and after they have subscribed to your text club, you have a direct line of communication to your customers that has a 98% open rate.
  3. Keyword campaign

    A keyword campaign is a great way to grow the database through outbound marketing. You can promote a keyword to gain subscribers of those who are not physically inside the store. It works by creating a keyword with an offer, and then promoting it. For example, let’s say you set up the keyword of SMOOTHIE with an offer of $2 off a medium/large smoothie. You would then post to Facebook “Text SMOOTHIE to 855-924-4409 to get $2 off!”….. whomever sees that and wants the offer would text that in, and immediately get a text asking them to reply “YES” to join SK alerts and get the offer. Once they reply “YES” they are in your database and would be able to redeem the offer at your location. Example creative below.
  4. QR codes

    In-Store QR Codes are an excellent way to direct traffic to a web app, web page or even to enter a keyword into a text message. Some TL Connects’ customers have a unique QR code and can access it on their user dashboard. Contact us to get QR codes added to your account. Also, QR codes can be generated on multiple websites such as QR Code Generator. If your location has a drive-thru window, QR code stickers included with the program can be placed at the drive-thru window for customers to sign-up or redeem offers. The process is the same as the kiosk, but they can sign up on their phone without touching the kiosk at all. Here’s how it works – The customer scans the QR code. Next the sign-up page opens in their phone’s browser. Then, they enter their phone number, and receive a text asking to reply “YES” to get “$2 OFF”. When they reply “YES”, they are double opted in and receive any sign-up offer to be redeemed.

One of the BIGGEST takeaways is that the customers HAVE to reply yes to get the initial “$2 Off” offer. If they don’t reply YES, they are not in your database. Be sure NOT to give the $2 off sign-up offer until they show the claim text that is dated and time stamped.

We hope these 4 proven ways help you to continue to grow your text database.

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