When will my customer receive the automated retention textALERT?

Our automated retention program is designed to drive in those customers who have not visited your store in a while. Most companies have no way to reach out to their customers in a personal way and say we miss you.

You can decide how long a customer must be dormant before receiving an automated retention textALERT. Our recommendation is 30 days, but you can choose between 15-180 days. Our latest automated layered retention program allows you to create multiple offers to drive your customers back. For instances, at 15 days a coffee shop may send a retention offer of $1 off.

At 30 days this same coffee shop may sweeten the deal to a FREE Cup of Coffee.

And at 60 days they may offer you a FREE Specialty Drink with Purchase.

You don’t have to do anything except to create your offers and then our software automatically engages your customers and drives quantifiable revenue into your store.

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