Repeat visits with automated texts

How Restaurants and Retailers Can Use Automated Texts to Increase Repeat Visits

Repeat visits and loyal customers are the lifeblood of local restaurants and retailers. They provide a steady stream of revenue, are more likely to spend more money, and love to try new products and services. Here are just a few statistics that highlight how vital repeat visits can be for local businesses: How Restaurants and […]

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Automated Text Campaigns

Increase Customer Engagement with Automated Texts

In the ever-evolving business world, automated text marketing campaigns have emerged as one of the most effective customer engagement tactics. At TL Connects, we’ve seen how beneficial it can be when merchants tailor text messages to specific customer behaviors and milestones. Our platform is built to help merchants manage various automated text marketing campaigns. 7 […]

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text campaign filters

Text Campaigns Get New Activity Filters

Text Campaigns Have New Activity Filters We have some good news! We have just added some new activity filters to give merchants more choices when targeting which subscribers will receive text campaigns using SMS Marketing or MMS Marketing. Merchants now have the option to send to subscribers who have joined this year, joined last year […]

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QR code example header

How to use a QR Code to Grow your Contact List

How to use a QR Code to grow your contact list QR codes have become more popular and more useful than ever before. We use them to view menus, direct web traffic, promote app downloads, receive contact information and much more. But, did you know you can use them to gain more subscribers to your […]

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Toast with TL Connects

Making the Most of Toast

Making the most of Toast with TL Connects Toast has emerged as one of the most powerful and efficient POS systems on the market and many of our TL Connects clients utilize their platform for POS functionality. By comparison, TL Connects is an independent platform focused more on customer engagement & loyalty. Toast Customer Communications […]

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6 Black Friday Marketing ideas

6 Black Friday Marketing ideas

6 Black Friday Marketing Ideas Black Friday is a shopping phenomenon like no other day in America, whether you love it or hate it. As this day especially affects retailers, it also has a major impact on other types of businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, etc. As major shopping traffic flows all throughout your […]

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for November-

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for November

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for November Business owners can find many great restaurant marketing ideas for November. Business owners can choose from many excellent restaurant marketing ideas for November. November has massive marketing holidays including the biggest of all, Black Friday along with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday! Besides these obvious days, there are plenty […]

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Complete Text Messaging guide

Complete Text Messaging Guide

Complete Text Messaging Guide We get many questions regarding how businesses use text messaging. We have a comprehensive list of every answer you may need. As a leader in text messaging marketing for businesses, we often get questions about SMS marketing and MMS marketing. If this is a new marketing venture for your business, many […]

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Text Marketing for Restaurants & Food Service Providers

Text Marketing for Restaurants & Food Service Providers Creating a successful business in the restaurant industry can be difficult. During and after Covid19, it can be downright impossible for many restaurant owners.  Any advantage an owner can use to get more business right now is especially important. Text marketing for restaurants and foodservice providers could […]

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Are your textALERT campaigns successful?

Are your textALERT campaigns successful? There are several factors to consider when it comes to analyzing your text marketing campaigns.  After running a few campaigns it is important to go back and see exactly which campaigns were more effective in bringing customers into your door, getting them to spend more & which was best in your bottom […]

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