frozen yogurt customer engagement

Frozen Yogurt Customer Engagement

Frozen yogurt stores can be found in most towns and cities across America and the self-serve establishments make for a fast and convenient place to get a frozen dessert just the way you want it. Simply grab a tub, choose your yogurt flavor or flavors and then finish off by adding your toppings from a selection of fresh fruit, chocolate and nuts.

Like the coffee shop industry, many frozen yogurt companies have chosen a traditional punch card for their customer engagement program. Frequency-based rewards programs are great, however, I discussed in a previous blog post 5 reasons to upgrade your punch card to a digital loyalty program. Points-based rewards programs can make things too difficult for the consumer, they don’t see the monetary value in the points and it can result in a much lower opt-in rate. Take the simplicity of the punch card program in a digital format with the added benefit of an automated retention program and textALERT marketing, and you can see the TL Connects digital rewards program is a perfect fit for the frozen yogurt industry.

Recently we partnered with Raspberry’s Frozen Yogurt Bar.  They wanted to implement a customer loyalty program prior to the grand opening of their new store.  They were looking for a program that was extremely customer friendly and had the capabilities to communicate to their customers via text; making the TL Connects digital rewards program the perfect fit for their needs.

Within the first month they have engaged 2,162 unique customers and the program has been used,116 times .

First Month Highlights:
  • 2,162 Loyal Subscribers in their digital loyalty program.
  • 180 of their loyal subscribers have already visited 5 times in first month.
  • 67 Average daily new customer sign ups
  • 128 Average daily customer check ins
  • 314 offers redeemed

So why does this product work so well at frozen yogurt shops?

  • Simplicity.  Raspberry’s was immediately impressed with how simple it was for their customers to sign-up and earn rewards with the TL Connects customer loyalty program.
  • Incentive to Sign-Up.  Unlike other reward programs, TL Connects digital loyalty program gives the customer an immediate offer for signing up which increases the adoption rates dramatically.  Who wouldn’t want 2oz of FREE frozen yogurt just for signing up?
  • textALERTS.  During the third week of utilizing their new loyalty program Raspberry’s decided to send out a textALERT to their loyal customers offering 2oz of FREE yogurt. This one day special resulted in over 200 customers engaging in the program.
  • Automation.  We designed the program to engage their customers automatically based on their habits.  So when a customer has not visited in 30 days, our software will automatically send a “we miss you” text, driving that customer back in to spend money.

For more information on how we can help you engage your customers more efficiently, CLICK HERE and schedule a time to join a 15 minute demo, or just pick up the phone and let’s chat now.  Our phone number is 844-611-3220.

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