Holiday marketing ideas for creating textALERTS

Labor Day has come and gone and summer officially ends on 9/23/14, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your textALERT marketing efforts.  Take advantage of this time of seasonal change and promote your business in new and creative ways.  It is still too early for Halloween or Thanksgiving and your customers are trying to think of things to do before the cold weather comes.  These times can be great opportunities to reach out to your subscribers and bring them back to your shop, restaurant, juice bar, etc.  New holiday marketing ideas are sometimes hard to come by as everything has been done before.  Before the popular holidays take over your marketing efforts, try using some of these lesser-known holidays.

Every single day on the calendar now has some type of holiday associated with it. Some of them are very specific and/or a little weird and maybe don’t apply directly to your business.   However, some of them may spark a fun idea for a quick textALERT promotion to bring your customers in and boost your sales.

Here is a list of such holidays for the next few weeks:

September 17th, Wednesday – Constitution Day
September 18th, Thursday – Water Monitoring Day
September 19th, Friday – Talk Like A Pirate Day
September 20th, Saturday – Punch Day
September 21st, Sunday – International Day Of Peace
September 22nd, Monday – Hobbit Day
September 23rd, Tuesday – Checkers Day
September 24th, Wednesday – Punctuation Day
September 25th, Thursday – Comic Book Day
September 26th, Friday – Hug A Vegetarian Day
September 27th, Saturday – Tourism Day
September 28th, Sunday – World Heart Day
September 29th, Monday – International Coffee Day
September 30th, Tuesday – Mud Pack Day
October 1st, Wednesday – World Vegetarian Day
October 2nd, Thursday – World Farm Animals Day
October 3rd, Friday – Virus Appreciation Day
October 4th, Saturday – World Card Making Day
October 5th, Sunday – World Teachers Day
October 6th, Monday – Mad Hatter Day
October 7th, Tuesday – World Smile Day

I hope this helps in some way. For other ideas and advice on what kinds of textALERTS to send to your customers check out What type of textALERTs should I send my customers?.

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