redeeming rewards

How do my customers redeem a reward, retention offers , or textALERT offers?

Redeeming rewards, retention offers, and textALERT offers is intuitive and simple for your customers.  We’ve also designed the program to reduce fraud when offers are being redeemed by time and date stamping the claim text.

When your customer checks-in using the green button and entering their mobile number, a screen with their available offers will pop-up.  They simply click the offer they want to redeem and show the claim text they immediately receive to the cashier.  It’s important that your staff read this message and check for three things:

Staff Claim Text Checklist

  1. Make sure inside the text is today’s date.
  2. Make sure the time stamp after the date stamp has not expired.
  3. Make sure to read what they are claiming so they are giving the appropriate offer.

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