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How to use a QR Code to grow your contact list

QR codes have become more popular and more useful than ever before.

We use them to view menus, direct web traffic, promote app downloads, receive contact information and much more. But, did you know you can use them to gain more subscribers to your text club?

QR codes make it much easier and quicker for customers to subscribe to your text club. By using an SMS QR code, customers simply have to point their phone’s cameras at the QR code to scan it. Then, the phone number and keyword are inserted into the text message app. Next, the customer just has to tap the send button. This also removes the possibility of user errors by typing in an incorrect phone number or keyword.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a type of barcode made specifically for “quick reading” on mobile devices.

QR codes communicate information like links, addresses, contact information, and SMS messages when you scan them.

Not too long ago, you needed a special app to scan QR codes. Now, anyone with a mobile phone can scan and read a QR code.

Just open your iPhone or Android’s camera app and hold it up to the code like you’re taking a photo.

What happens next is up to whoever designed the code. It could redirect you to a web page, an app download, or open up a pre-populated text message.

See how it works? Scan this QR code below with your phone:

If you scanned the code above, you will notice that it opened your text message app, entered a phone number and the keyword, “EXAMPLE”. Now, you only have to press the send button to send the message. That’s how easy it is!

How to generate your own QR codes

TL Connects customers have the luxury of just having to download the QR code from their dashboard. Visit your keyword page and click details on any of your keywords to access and download the QR code for that campaign.

If you haven’t created a keyword campaign yet, create a new one on that page as well and download the QR code afterwards.

If you want to create your own QR code, visit this page for instructions.

Promote your QR codes to build your text club.

The best and easiest way is to use in-store marketing materials. Place the QR code throughout your business via posters, on menus and small flyers, on or near the point of purchase. Digital marketing works as well, but remember to not include the QR code on content created specifically for mobile devices. If the customer is viewing the QR on a phone, they can’t scan it with the phone.

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