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What is Local Store Marketing?

Local Store Marketing, (also often referred to as Neighborhood marketing or LSM) is any marketing activities designed to help a business be locally relevant to customers in its community. Every single business must do some form of local store marketing to be successful, from small businesses to single locations of large franchises. Engaging customers at the store or location level will ultimately determine a business’s long term success.

Local store marketing involves the consistent communication and engagement of customers who live and work within a 1 to 5-mile radius of your store. It is also intended to build sales and increase revenue over a period of time. It is not an overnight process and should be the main focus of your customer engagement strategy. LSM drives sales by keeping businesses on top of local consumers’ minds.Local Store Marketing Radius From the very beginning of a business’s life, local store marketing should be an integral part of the marketing plan. It is about building relationships, giving back to the community and serving the needs of customers within a 1 to 5-mile radius for years to come. It is much more than simple advertising. Anyone can run an ad on the radio or place a park bench ad. Those things can be beneficial for sure, but local store marketing is not just advertising. It involves everything from advertising, to how your business interacts with the community on a day to day basis. LSM works best when making specific plans which are measurable, planned, coordinated and consistent all year long. It also is very important to make several small goals along with large goals to help see the improvement as you go. For instance, set a monthly goal of getting sign-ups into your local customer database. If you hit the goals, awesome! If not, make small adjustments to try to hit the mark next month. Try not to change too many things at once so you know for sure what is working and what is not.

In today’s world of digital marketing capabilities, a local customer database can be a local marketer’s best friend. A database and good engagement platform can make the somewhat tedious process of local store marketing much easier and more efficient. Text marketing is far above email or any other form of communication as smartphones are ever more present in people’s lives. Many businesses now are automating text messages to send to all their customer’s phones inviting their customers back, thanking them for coming in, sending birthday messages and much more. These messages will offer the consumer a treat and give them 7 days or so to come in to redeem it. Programs such as these are very helpful in your local store marketing efforts. Automate as much as you can to free you up for all your daily chores. Remember, local store marketing creates awareness and builds loyalty with the customers in your backyard and grows from there.local-store-marketing-restaurant Local store marketing is an on-going process intended to increase sales over a long period of time. It is not easy and requires consistent effort. To lessen the efforts and keep consistent, try using a customer engagement platform, utilizing text marketing and automation.

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