Long John Silver's expands customer engagement

Long John Silver’s expands customer engagement program

Partner, TL Connects has taken Long John Silver’s from 20 engaging locations in August 2015 to over 200 by end of 2015.

February 4, 2016 Nashville, TN

TL Connects, a customer engagement platform provider announced their partner expansion with Long John Silver’s (LJS). LJS partnered with TL Connects (TL) as a means to offer their clients a simple way to earn rewards. In August 2015, LJS piloted a custom solution in 20 locations. The goal was to create a program that was simple for their customers. They also required the use of automated custom triggers to increase loyalty and customer retention. Being a large chain, it was equally as important for LJS to be able to use filters to control custom offers and promotions at a location level.

On the company’s recent partnership with LJS, Joe F. Brannon III, Co-Founder, and CEO of TL Connects stated, “Many customer data programs that corporate franchisers launch give no autonomy to the franchisee which means the program can only be used for a national strategy. With the customer engagement program we created for LJS, the franchiser can communicate their national strategy while the franchisees can communicate it’s local strategy.“ By the end of 2015 TL had launched 201 LJS locations with a commitment for 234 more. By the end of the first quarter of 2016, TL expects to be in 434 Long John Silver locations. Marilyn Nicholson, VP of Media and Promotions at Long John Silver’s, says “We are very pleased with the initial test phase and relationship with TL connects, and the results our franchisees are seeing. We are encouraged enough to fully support the continued roll-out to the LJS system in 2016” About TL Connects: TL Connects helps both small and large businesses increase customer frequency and retention by utilizing their customer engagement platform. They are located in Nashville, TN. Founded in August 2010 as a completely digital and mobile-based customer loyalty program, TL Connects has over 1 million subscribers with over 5 million check-ins. TL Connects now specializes in providing a fully digital customer engagement platform including a loyalty program, automated retention program and customizable SMS auto-responder functions.

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