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A Case Study: A Restaurant’s first month using Loyalty Program Software

Wheatless Restaurant is Bowling Green’s first gluten-free restaurant, serving quality food that anyone will enjoy. They are also serving up some quality textALERT campaigns! They have only been with textLIVING for a month, but they are hitting some excellent numbers with their loyalty program software. Just check out some of these stats:
Their very first textALERT had a 13.45% redemption rate! They sent the mass text message on 12/17/14 to their 275 subscribers and 37 people redeemed the offer. So, let me break that down a little bit. Wheatless joined textLIVING on 12/4/14 and in less than 2 weeks, they already had 275 subscribers who also allowed Wheatless to send them textALERT offers. How valuable is that? I’ll tell you – Here was their first offer: “$5 off a $20 purchase. Good till Christmas. Happy Holidays!!”. Using the minimum of a $15 ticket price that adds up to $555. That is getting the most out of your textLIVING loyalty program software, quickly. After two weeks’ time on the program, they more than covered the monthly cost of using the program. Wheatless did not rest there.

“$5 off a $20 purchase. Good till Christmas. Happy Holidays!!”

Within 10 days, they ran their second and third campaigns. The second one ran in the morning and was good for only 4 days, until the end of the year. It was a breakfast promo that read: “$2 off Any Breakfast Entrée (before 10:30 AM)”. They had 18 subscribers redeem that offer. But then, later the same day they sent another offer that was redeemable through 1/4/15. It read: $5.00 Off The purchase of any Specialty Cake or 16 pack cupcakes”. This one resulted in a whopping 10.56% redemption rate, (36 people of 341 redeemed). All in all, in their first month, Wheatless generated $996 in revenue using textALERTs. Way to go, Wheatless!! They have even sent out another textALERT, here on the day this was written! It certainly pays to be a subscriber of this business as well as pays for Wheatless to send textALERTs to their customers. Wheatless’ success with their loyalty program software spreads further than just textALERTs. Their retention program has also been great for them. How, do you ask? They have only been using the program for a month, right? That’s right, but they set their customizable retention program to automatically send subscribers who are absent, without checking in for 15 days, an offer of: “$5 OFF $15″. 21 subscribers have already redeemed this offer. Doing that simple math, that is at least $210 of additional revenue from that automated setup in a very short period of time. Great job Wheatless! You are providing great offers for your customers, gaining additional revenue for yourselves and you also are making us look really good in the process!

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