Mexican Restaurant Marketing: An Industry Study

TL Connects has been an integral part of many Mexican Restaurant Marketing efforts for quite some time now. The platform works with all types of restaurants and other service-related businesses, but we thought it was important to do a brief case study of a few Mexican restaurants to show exactly how the TL Connects’ loyalty and customer engagement platform is helping these Mexican restaurants get and keep more customers.

El Mazatlan is a small restaurant chain in Kentucky. They have seven locations currently using the TL Connects loyalty and customer engagement platform. The platform allows their mexican restaurant marketing to expand to text messages, with or without images attached, which also has a 98% open rate. They have used the system’s auto-responder texts very effectively. They use five different auto-responders to interact with each subscriber at various times after their initial sign-up. For instance, one minute after their second checkin, a text automatically sends to the subscriber asking for a Google review.

They also use 3 “We Miss You” texts. Each of these auto-responders send to a subscriber at certain intervals with no checkins. For example, if a subscriber doesn’t check-in within a period of twenty days, an automatic text is sent to that subscriber with an offer of $2 off $10 if they come and checkin within seven days. The other “We Miss You” text offers increase in value as the time period with on checkins advances. See details below along with their loyalty program statistics.

Mexican Restaurant Marketing

textALERTs are simply text messages sent to a number of subscribers at one time. textALERTs can be sent to segmented groups of subscribers or sent to all at once. Below are a couple textALERT examples sent by El Mazatlan recently.

Mexican Restaurant Marketing

Below are more results from another Mexican restaurant chain called Sol Azteca.

Mexican Restaurant Marketing

Get more details on these restaurants and another Mexican Restaurant study in the full PDF of the Mexican Restaurant Marketing Industry Study.

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