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MMS Messaging – New Product Announcement

We are proud to officially announce our newest product and tool to help bring your customers back more often, MMS messaging. MMS, (Multimedia Messaging Service), is the ability to send messages including pictures, videos or audio content to devices. Our automated marketing and communication platform now gives merchants the ability to send images to subscribers. You may ask, “Why? What are the benefits of MMS messaging?” Everyone has heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, a thousand words are indeed worth a lot in the land of text messaging! With only 160 characters available in SMS marketing, a picture preview popping up on your subscriber’s phone will be seen and opened faster than even text messages, which are really fast! 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them, so it is safe to say that an image will be looked at even faster! Plus, seeing an image of a tasty new menu item is so much more impactful than just reading about it. It has been scientifically proven that just looking at pictures of food will make people hungry! Another new feature is the ability to send a barcode image with the claim text! So, if a merchant has barcode scanning capabilities, they may upload a barcode image for a textALERT that is sent to the customer after they check-in at the kiosk. Then, they show the barcode MMS image to the cashier where they scan it. It is quick and gets the offer into your POS system to better quantify the results of the offer.

How to get started with MMS messaging:

  1. Login to my.tlconnects.com
  2. Click the “+” at the top of the page to add a new textALERT
  3. Select your subscriber list
  4. Set your name/description if needed
  5. Compose your textALERT: set expiration date and time, offer and message.
  6. Click “Add Image” and/or Add Redeem Barcode. See figure below
  7. Drag an image over the box to upload or click to browse to a file. (for best results, use this template for your images)
  8. Proof your image(s) and message in the preview box.
  9. Double proof that all is correct and schedule the textALERT.
MMS messaging example in dashboard

Reasons to try an MMS message immediately!

  • Sending picture messages with impactful images drive action
  • Fast response rate
  • Double up on message plus show an image
  • It’s different – a change-up that will surprise and delight customers
  • a picture is worth a thousand words
MMS Messaging Template

Download a template to get your MMS image the correct size every time!

Get started on the right foot with MMS Marketing. Here you download either a specifications document to use to size-up your image before uploading it or a layered photoshop document to use for easy Photoshop MMS image creation. Both files will help you create a better MMS image where your important content is not cut off or hidden at the preview screen or after a user opens it.

This template helps with:
  • Proportions for all the varying phone sizes
  • Margins to avoid hidden content
  • File size for faster delivery
  • Consistency of brand message
Specs (.jpg) Layered Template (.psd)

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