Mobile Marketing Advertising Program

Neighborhood Deals Mobile Marketing and Advertising Program Launched

A new, exciting way for business owners to bring in new customers from their own neighborhoods.

We’re proud to announce our newest method for merchants to drive new customers in from their neighborhoods. It is not just a new website. It is a mobile marketing and advertising platform dedicated to great offers from businesses to local consumers looking for them. It starts with a weekly text message containing a picture of an offer from a featured business. The featured offer advertises one business for the week showing their offer along with a custom image. The picture also prominently displays the logos of all other companies participating in the program for that week. Every week the featured offer rotates to one of the other companies, (up to 12 per quarter). The message is sent out to tens of thousands of people’s mobile phones with a 98% open rate. The message also contains a mini-URL linking to the neighborhood web page. The page shows the featured offer at the top, in large fashion along with all the participating businesses’ logos below. If the customer is interested in any offers, they click “Get Offer” and go to the offer details page showing more information about the business and about the offer itself. The customer can share the offer, explore the company’s social media, website, and other information as well. Mobile Marketing Advertising program MMS Once the customer activates the deal online, they receive instructions via a text message on how to redeem the offer at the kiosk. (The offer can only be redeemed by a customer one time.) If the customer fails to redeem the message within a week of expiration, they will get a reminder text. They have 30 days to redeem the offer after activation. Once the offer is redeemed at the kiosk, they will receive an automated text message asking for a Google review. This program is currently available for 6 neighborhoods, but we will be expanding to new areas soon. Here are the active neighborhoods at this time: Mobile Marketing Advertising Program website Check it out for great offers in these areas! If you own a business and want more information on how to promote your business using the Neighborhood Deals mobile marketing and advertising, call 615.255.3199 or email us at [email protected]

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