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Reasons to Start Your Mobile Marketing Program before Black Friday

Mobile Marketing has been all the rage for some time now. However, many businesses still have not started utilizing this awesome method to engage directly with their best customers. Starting a mobile marketing program can be really easy and will pay for itself quickly!

If you have been waiting to begin building your mobile customer database, this year’s Black Friday may be the best time to start. Think of this. If you are equipped to gather and store your customer’s name and mobile phone number on one of your busiest days of the year, your marketing efforts for the remaining weeks of this year and all of 2015 could benefit greatly!

With the holidays and black Friday looming near, shoppers will be out in full force. Retailers throw out tons of great deals and offers to get customers in their stores on Black Friday. While the millions of customers are shopping all day long, they have to refuel to keep going. That is where the restaurants, juice and smoothie bars, coffee shops, convenience stores, yogurt, and ice cream shops and other such shops can really cash in as well. The mass majority of the millions of shoppers out on Black Friday will visit these types of locations – Coffee shops heavy in the mornings, restaurants and diners in the afternoon with lots of time for snacks in the evenings.

While these customers are there, you can get those customers to sign-up for your mobile loyalty program with a nice offer of a FREE coffee, appetizer or 10% discount. Then, once you get those customers to opt into your program, you can keep engaging them with new and better offers to get them to return to you. Also, if you want to boost traffic on a typically slow day, send out an alert to your subscriber list to come in on that day. BOOM – instant success! The more subscribers you get, the more success you will have over time and the right program will only improve with time. You just can’t do that will traditional marketing methods!


One important thing to remember – Keep it simple. Customers will only sign up if the process is simple and worth their time. Text messaging has a much higher open rate than emails and is much easier for customers than downloading and installing an app. Everyone has a mobile phone and most are texting, (even grandmas are texting now). Providing an opt-in process where customers can simply enter their mobile phone number to sign-up instead of complicated processes or apps to learn will get you more subscribers, quicker.

Some of the biggest advantages mobile messaging bring to your marketing plan is an extremely high open rate (98%) with speedy opens (about 3 minutes). Most everyone these days text and text a lot! Very few traditional marketing methods produce as much ROI as a powerful SMS/MMS program can deliver.

There is no time like the present to start your mobile marketing strategy! Think of how busy your January and February could be if you were able to consistently engage with all the customers that will be coming in from now till the end of the year!

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