restaurant marketing ideas for april

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April

April’s here! It’s springtime, Good Friday, Easter. Don’t forget holidays like Pretzel Day!

Business owners can choose from many excellent restaurant marketing ideas for April. April has a large number of traditional holidays such as Easter & Good Friday. April also has a great variety of other, wacky and sensible holidays to use for excellent marketing opportunities. Whether your business is in foodservice, convenience stores, department stores or anything in between, think about using some of these weird, fun holidays for new & interesting marketing possibilities. For food service-related businesses, here are specific days of the month to get your marketing ideas soaring such as SourDough Bread Day, Deep Dish Pizza Day, Garlic Day, Pretzel Day and many more. Other days that stick out to use for excellent marketing options are: April Fools Day, Zoo Lover’s Day, Pet Day, Piñata Day, Earth Day, etc.! Using these types of fun holidays to promote your business may result in marketing success you will enjoy and provide a fun, memorable experience for your customers. We suggest sending two to four textALERTs out to your subscribers every month to keep your business on the top of your customer’s minds and fully engaged with your business. To help you come up with ideas for the campaigns, here is a large list of upcoming April holidays that could be useful.
1 – April Fools Day
1 – Sourdough Bread Day
1 – One Cent Day
2 – World Autism Day
2 – Children’s Book Day
3 – Chocolate Mousse Day
3 – World Party Day
3 – Day
of Hope
4 – Kickball Day
4 – Carrot Day
4 – Cordon Bleu Day
5 – Deep Dish Pizza Day
5 – Caramel Day
5 – Go for Broke Day
6 – Pillow Fight Day
6 – Tartan Day
6 – Army Day
6 – Caramel Popcorn Day
7 – Beer Day
7 – World Health Day
7 – Beaver Day
8 – Zoo Lover’s Day
9 – Unicorn Day
9 – Winston Churchill Day
10 – Golfer’s Day
10 – Sibling Day
10 – Day of Pink 11 – Pet Day
11 – Cheese Fondue Day
12 – Teach your Children to Save Day
12 – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
12 – Walk on the Wild Side Day
12 – Submarine Day
13 – Thomas Jefferson Day
13 – Scrabble Day
14 – Dolphin Day
14 – Look up at the Sky Day
15 – That Sucks! Day
15 – Take a Wild Guess Day
15 – ASL Day 16 – Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
16 – Eggs Benedict Day
16 – Save the Elephant Day
17 – Haiku Poetry Day
17 – Banana Day
17 – Cheeseball Day
18 – Pinata Day
18 – High Five Day
19 – Good Friday
19 – Bicycle Day
19 – Garlic Day
20 – Husband Appreciation Day
20 – Volunteer Recognition Day
20 – Record Store Day
21 – International Day
of Happiness
21 – Easter
21 – Kindergarten Day
21 – American Red Cross Giving Day
21 – Chocolate Covered Cashew Day
22 – Earth Day
22 – Jellybean Day
23 – Talk like Shakespeare Day
23 – World Book Night 23 – German Beer Day
24 – Pig in a Blanket Day
24 – Firefly Day
25 – World Penguin Day
25 – Hug a Plumber Day
25 – Thank You Thursday
26 – Pretzel Day
26 – Alien Day
27 – Independent Bookstore Day
27 – Marine Mammal Rescue Day
27 – World Veterinary Day
28 – Cubicle Day
28 – Blueberry Pie Day
28 – Worker’s Memorial Day
29 – International Dance Day
29 – World Wish Day
30 – Honesty Day
30 – International Jazz Day
30 – Oatmeal Cookie Day

textALERT examples from last month

Last month, a new customer to the TL Connects Customer Engagement Platform sent out their first textALERT. They are a convenience store chain based in North Carolina, TN. They offered their subscribers a Free Orange Vanilla Coke just for coming into the stores. The campaign was able to drive in 15.3% of its total subscribers in a three-day span. They texted 549 subscribers at one time, driving in 84 extra people to redeem the offer. See the message below.
Restaurant Marketing Ideas for April textALERT example
Another textALERT example sent last month was one from a Smoothie King in Kingston, NY. They texted 1,372 subscribers at one time, driving in an incredible 565 people in a twelve-day span, (41.18%) to redeem an offer of FREE 32oz Smoothie. Note that FREE offers work really well! These types of offers can and often see extremely impressive redemption rates. This rate of 41% is higher than the typical results.
Download our Marketing Calendar Template to help you plan and organize all your marketing efforts in 2019. With it, you can plan all your social posts, textALERTs, images for MMS marketing and email blasts. Along with restaurant marketing ideas for April, it also has a list of all holidays for each month.

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