Restaurant Marketing Ideas for June

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for June

Business owners will find many great restaurant marketing ideas for June.

Restaurant owners and other brick and mortar business owners alike will find many good marketing opportunities during June. Father’s Day is, of course, an excellent time to bring more customers to your business. However, the month also supplies many other perfect holidays to use for new and creative marketing possibilities to grow your business and bring in more revenue. For food service-related businesses, here are specific days of the month to get your marketing ideas soaring such as National Doughnut Day, National Corn on the Cob Day, World Tapas Day, and National Catfish Day. Other days that stick out to use for excellent marketing options are Leave the office early day, World Environment Day, National Flag Day and even Lobster Day. So many things can be done using these holidays to spice up your campaigns. Try some out and compare them to your previous efforts. They may just work out for you. We suggest sending two to four textALERTs out to your subscribers every month to keep your business on the top of your customer’s minds and fully engaged with your business. To help you come up with ideas for the campaigns, here is a large list of upcoming June holidays that could be useful.
1 – Say Something Nice Day
1 – Go Barefoot Day
1 – World Milk Day
1 – National Trails Day
2 – National Rotisserie Chicken Day
2 – Rocky Road Day
2 – Cancer Survivors Day
3 – Chocolate Macaroon Day
3 – Thank God it’s Monday
3 – Leave the Office Early Day
4 – Hug Your Cat Day
4 – Old Maid’s Day
5 – Sausage Roll Day
5 – Moonshine Day
5 – World Environment Day
6 – National Applesauce Cake Day
6 – Drive-In Movie Day
6 – National Yo-Yo Day
7 – Fish & Chips Day
7 – National Doughnut Day
7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8 – World Oceans Day
8 – National Best Friends Day
8 – Upsy Daisy Day
8 – World Gin Day
9 – Donald Duck Day
9 – Rosé Day
10 – National Iced Tea Day
11 – National Corn on the Cob Day
11 – German Chocolate Cake Day
12 – National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
12 – Red Rose Day
12 – International Falafel Day
12 – Superman Day
13 – Jerky Day
13 – Farm Workers’ Day
14 – National Flag Day
14 – Bourbon Day
14 – World Blood Donor Day
14 – Cupcake Day
15 – Lobster Day
15 – Magna Carta Day
16 – Father’s Day
16 – National Fudge Day
16 – World Tapas Day
16 – Turkey Lovers’ Day
16 – Fresh Veggies Day
17 – Eat your Vegetables Day
17 – Apple Strudel Day
18 – International Sushi Day
18 – International Picnic Day
18 – Splurge Day
18 – Go Fishing Day
18 – Cherry Tart Day
19 – National Martini Day
19 – Juneteenth
20 – National Vanilla Milkshake Day
20 – National Ice Cream Soda Day
20 – American Eagle Day
21 – World Music Day
21 – Selfie Day
21 – Flip-Flop Day
22 – National Chocolate Eclair Day
22 – National Onion Rings Day
23 – Let it go Day
24 – National Pralines Day
25 – National Catfish Day
25 – National Strawberry Parfait Day
25 – Goats Cheese Day
26 – National Chocolate Pudding Day
26 – Canoe Day
26 – Beautician’s Day
27 – Sunglasses Day
27 – National Pineapple Day
28 – National Tapioca Day
28 – National Ceviche Day
29 – Camera Day
29 – Waffle Iron Day
29 – Almond Buttercrunch Day
29 – Armed Forces Day
30 – Meteor Watch Day
30 – Social Media Day

textALERT examples from last month

Last month, a Memphis, TN Grill ran a slow time textALERT offering their subscribers 10% off their entire purchase if they visit between 2 pm & 5 pm. This is their typical slow time during the days, so they ran this campaign to bring in more traffic to fill that time span. The campaign was able to drive in 9.66% of its total subscribers in a week during that slow time. Using textALERTs to target slow days or slow periods of the day is ideal and works well to bring in customers! See the message below.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for June textALERT example

Another textALERT example sent last month was one from a Mexican restaurant in Nashville, TN. They texted 532 subscribers at one time, driving in 23 people in one day, Mother’s Day, (4.32%) to redeem an offer of half-price entrees for all moms. What a great way to pull in customers on a day where most families are looking for a place to eat out!

Download our Marketing Calendar Template to help you plan and organize all your marketing efforts in 2019. With it, you can plan all your social posts, textALERTs, images for MMS marketing and email blasts. Along with restaurant marketing ideas for June, it also has a list of all holidays for each month.

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