News Flash: I don’t want to download your Smartphone Apps. Neither do 65% of Users.

Since the genius of the iPhone and the App Store, companies having been mesmerized with this idea of creating smartphone apps for their customers. Unfortunately, consumer behaviors don’t always match our plans.

In August ComScore released the US Mobile App Report and the results were staggering.

– 65.5% of smartphone users do not download a single app each month. – 42% of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on the individual’s single most used app. – 41% of consumer’s time on their smartphone is spent on social media and games.

So as a small business, what can you do to grab the attention of your customers if smartphone apps are not the answer? A good rule of thumb is to think like your customer. Make it extremely easy to engage with your business and find ways to automate personalized engagement.

Since consumers are always on their phone we found the best way to engage them is through the most successful universal message platform, SMS. Done correctly, SMS puts you instantly in front of your customers. Now the challenge most small businesses face is getting the customer to opt-in to their SMS program. Some businesses will post a keyword like “coffee” for you to text to a shortcode.

TL Connects was in the keyword text marketing business some years ago and we found the adoption rates to be abysmal. So we decided to build the fastest and simplest digital rewards program in the world that will engage and reward loyal customers while helping our merchants build large SMS marketing databases.

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