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Try a New Approach to get more Sign-Ups into your Text Marketing Database

There is a new, better way to get customers to opt-in to your mobile database. More and more businesses are using Text Marketing * to connect with their customers. It is a proven, effective form of marketing but it does require your customers to sign-up for the program, twice. A double opt-in is required and strict guidelines prevent businesses from sending messages to people without that double opt-in. But once your customer signs into your Text Marketing program, you have a direct link to your best customers.  So, what is the best way to get your customers to sign-up? Getting your best customers to sign up for your program has often been one of the hardest parts, until now. Your customers would have to see your keyword, ie. ( “text PIZZA to 99002” ) placed somewhere on a sign in the business, flyer, mailer, menu or any other printed advertising piece.  The success of that program depends on so many variables: the offer itself, the graphic design, font-size, delivery method, the mailman – the list goes on. That process proves to be tedious, expensive and often ineffective. So, what’s the alternative? A kiosk placed in your business at your point of purchase or some location where your customers cycle through could be the solution. Using a kiosk, such as the one below, allows your customers to easily sign up for your program. They see the kiosk with your sign-up offer and all they have to do is enter their mobile phone number and respond to the message with a “YES”. That is the double Opt-in and now you have a new subscriber. It is easy, safe and completely controllable. Forget all the signage, print jobs, and ad campaigns to try to get sign-ups. It just shouldn’t be that difficult. Also, having the kiosk and complete sign-up process in your business proves to be much more reliable, professional and trustworthy to your customers.

Text Marketing sign-up vs Kiosk sign-up

  1. Traditional text marketing call to action
    These examples show how traditional text marketing programs are advertised.
  2. Sign-Up Offer
    It flashes to draw attention, can be changed and gets more sign-ups because customers see benefits for signing up.
  3. Branding
    This space can be used to show your logo, info or a product you want to promote, etc.
  4. Advertising Message
    This gives you another chance to tell potential subscribers why they need to join up.
  5. Kiosk Call to action
    This is an animated button used to sign-up or to redeem your offer.
As you can see here, you have many more options with a kiosk than you do with traditional text marketing. With that being said, more than likely, you will also spend less money with a kiosk process than you would with traditional because you don’t have to spend your money on print ads, packaging, web ads, etc. You only have to place the kiosk in your business and your best customers will find it. With a great Sign-Up offer, signing up for your text marketing database may just be irresistible to them. If you have been utilizing text marketing to engage your customers directly, you know the awesome benefits it has. But for those who have not, here is a quick list of why it works and works well.
  1. Phone ownership
    It is safe to say now that almost everyone on the Earth has a phone of some sort, even if just a basic mobile phone. It has been said that more people actually own a phone than own a toothbrush. When marketing your business, it is important to remember to target all these phones and not just smartphones. Text messages work on basic phones as well.
  2. 98% Open Rates
    98% of text messages are read! It is incredible, especially when compared to email (20%), Facebook (12%) and Tweets (29%). You simply can not do better than SMS and it is what your customers prefer.
  3. Fast read times
    Not only do 98% of people read their text messages, they also read them within 5 minutes. That is the instant response marketers would have only dreamt of a few years ago.
  4. Less advertising for more effectiveness
    With SMS Marketing, you don’t have to bother your subscribers constantly. You know they read the message, so you don’t have to hit them every week. With email, some send 2, 3 or even 4 emails a week to make sure their subscribers read the message. You simply don’t have to do that with SMS. In this study, you can see that less is clearly more.

* Text Marketing – courtesy Wikipedia.

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