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textLIVING Announces Corporate Name Change to Reflect Broader Customer Engagement

textLIVING, the digital loyalty program provider, today announces that they have rebranded their company name from textLIVING to TL Connects. TL Connects (formerly textLIVING) provides businesses of all sizes a complete customer engagement platform. The platform is entirely digital and provides an alternative to punch and swipe card programs. It is mobile-phone based, easy to set-up for merchants and takes less than twenty seconds for customers to sign in to using an iPad kiosk. The name change to “TL Connects” is due to a change in focus from providing a digital loyalty program to providing a complete customer engagement program featuring auto-responders allowing businesses to stay in touch with their customers consistently. textLIVING was more based on “texts” and with the new expansion of products and services, the name seemed to limit the new capabilities.

“We are excited to keep expanding our product offerings in our pursuit to make it easier for food service companies and convenience stores to have a meaningful automated one on one relationship with their customers that drives customer behavior and more revenue.”

Joe Brannon III, CEO & Co-Founder of TL Connects.
TL Connects is a total, fast and simple customer engagement platform with five innovations. Fast and simple. The platform is designed to be super fast and simple for both merchants and their customers. The kiosk is quickly placed in the business allowing its customers to sign into the program in under 20 seconds. Once signing up, the customers enjoy being rewarded for loyal visits, and receive special offers and information from the merchant. Complete customer life cycle engagement. TL Connects provides a means for businesses to connect with their customers from several different levels and directions. attract. The platform attracts new customers with TL Alerts, which allow businesses to send texts to potential customers who shop and live within a specified radius of their location. engage. TL Connects’ unique textALERTS feature provides merchants a way to communicate directly with their customers via text message, even send pictures, videos, and social media links. The messages are sent in bulk to all subscribers and can be prescheduled or sent at a moment’s notice. reward. The mobile phone-based, virtual loyalty program rewards customers for repeat visits. No more need for them to carry punch cards or swipe cards. retain. The automated retention program gives incentives for customers who have not visited the business in a while to return. For example, after 30 days of a customer’s absence, a text message is automatically sent to them saying “We Miss You, come back within 7 days and get a free *****”. Quantifiable results. The merchant can easily see how each campaign, auto-responder, loyalty, retention and all other aspects of the platform is performing. Excellent reporting and analytics are available to monitor all statistics and data. Robust tools. The platform features a large variety of tools to use to engage customers including the digital loyalty program, automated “We Miss You” text, SMS auto-responders, BounceBack Incentives, textALERTS, Analytics, Local Alert Ad Campaigns, iPad Kiosk. Fits any size business. TL Connects partners with many types of industries and businesses. From the smallest local coffee shops to large, national chains, TL Connects is flexible enough to work with any business type. Custom-branded kiosk designs can even be implemented for large, branded chains. TL Connects helps businesses grow customer frequency and retention through engagement. It is easy to use kiosk has the highest adoption rates in the industry. Being text-based, it boasts a 98% open rate on the text messages sent and 90% of those are read within 3 minutes. It requires no apps to install or cards to carry with you, making it the easiest, most efficient platform on the market. Learn more about TL Connects by visiting the website or requesting a demo. About TL Connects
TL Connects provides an all-encompassing customer engagement platform making it easy for merchants to engage customers on several different levels to drive more revenue while rewarding customers for their loyalty. It features an iPad kiosk, complete analytics, reporting, auto-responders, and retention program. Among many local, independent businesses located in 16 states, TL Connects partners with Chick-fil-A, Smoothie King, Shell, Once Upon a Child, Raspberry’s Frozen Yogurt, Stakz Frozen Yogurt and Rafferty’s. In 2015, TL Connects has added multi-location chains Twice Daily, Shoney’s & IHOP. TL Connects was founded in 2010 as textLIVING by Joe Brannon III and Chris Jarratt. In 2012, the textLIVING digital loyalty solution was launched in BETA. In 2015, TL Connects reached the three million customer transactions threshold. In March of 2015, 800+ people came into Twice Daily’s various Tennessee locations in one day to redeem a Local Alert text message. TL Connects is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit the website or follow @TLconnects.

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