Twice Daily expands customer engagement program to all stores

February 21, 2015 Nashville, TN

TL Connects, a customer engagement platform provider announced their partner expansion with Twice Daily (TD). TD partnered with TL Connects (TL) as a means to better engage with their customers.  In November 2014, TD piloted a custom solution in three locations.

TD wanted to address several challenges with the loyalty program including better customer engagement & increased customer loyalty. They also want their customers to enter their stores at a higher percentage while also returning more often. Furthermore, they need a means of promoting specific products and providing an incentive for customers to return to the store twice a daily, hence the name.

On the company’s recent partnership with TD, Joe F. Brannon III, Co-Founder and CEO of TL Connects stated, “Location, Location, Location, it’s paramount in the convenience store industry. C-Stores are constantly looking for ways to get customers to be loyal to their brand instead of always taking the “convenient” route. With Twice Daily, we give their customer a compelling reason to visit multiple times a day, by offering 10% off their second visit. We now see 4.9% of their customers using our program coming in twice per day. That’s a high number since we’ve built a database of 50k+ customers in 11 months.“

After reviewing the results of the three-store pilot test, TD has now expanded the customer engagement program to all 37 locations.

About TL Connects: TL Connects helps both small and large businesses increase customer frequency and retention by utilizing their customer engagement platform. They are located in Nashville, TN. Founded in August 2010 as a completely digital and mobile-based customer loyalty program, TL Connects has over 1 million subscribers with over 5 million check-ins. TL Connects now specializes in providing a fully digital customer engagement platform including a loyalty program, automated retention program and customizable SMS auto-responder functions.

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