Monthly Dashboard Report

Understanding Your Monthly Dashboard Report

Each month you will receive an automated monthly dashboard report that will show you data which includes “All Time” data since you started your TL Connects loyalty program and the “Last Month.”

First, you’ll see your Revenue Stats. Revenue Stats are calculated using the average ticket price you gave us at sign-up. These are not intended to be exact, they are just to show you the potential revenue generated by our digital rewards program. Individual revenue stat information is detailed below.

Traffic Revenue is based on the number of check-ins and then multiplied by the average ticket price. This gives you an idea of how much of your total revenue is coming from loyal customers.

Retention Program Redemptions are calculated by the number of subscribers that redeemed an automated retention offer at the iPad Kiosk.

textALERT Redemptions are calculated by the number of subscribers that redeemed a textALERT offer at the iPad Kiosk.

Revenue Stats - Dashboard

Below Revenue Stats are your Subscriber Stats. The subscriber stats are going to show you the total number of customers in your program, how many total check-ins you have received as well as the prior months. You will also see average daily subscribers and “All Time” check-ins and for the last 30 days. One of the major goals is increasing the number of subscribers; you can test out different sign-up offers to see which rewards work best. This portion of the report will help you quickly see if a change has helped increase the average.


The Retention, Loyalty, and textALERT Stats are going to give you a quick snapshot of how well your programs are doing “All Time” and “Last Month.”

After using our tools for several months you will start seeing trends that, together, we can address. For instance, maybe your retention redemption rates are extremely low; we can quickly change the retention offer and see how it does over the next 30 days. Maybe you see a textALERT that drove in 10% of your database; you’ll want to look back in your my.tlconnects.com account and see exactly what that offer was so you can repeat the results. If you have any questions about your monthly report or need help digging into the details don’t hesitate to call us at 615-255-3199.

Retention, Loyalty, textALERT Stats

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