User Dashboard Update and Weekly Report Email

We know how important it is for business owners to save time while staying on top of all the work and details it takes to run a business. So, we have re-designed the User Dashboard so business owners can quickly visualize all the important figures of their marketing efforts in one glance. Merchants can now see exactly how many new subscribers signed up during a particular period of time. They can also see the specific methods in which those new subscribers signed up, whether it be via Keyword, Kiosk or by using the Custom Mobile Web App. Other items available via the Dashboard are: Text Message Activity, QR Scans & Click Activity and Digital Loyalty Program information. This entire report is easily adjusted to reflect the activity from the last week, month, year to date, all-time or any custom period of time.

User Dashboard

We designed the User Dashboard to show merchants the most important results and figures from their overall platform with the ability to dig deep into the figures and change the time period to any time since joining the program. The Weekly Report Email is sent every week to our merchants to show the same sort of figures and stats from the last week.

We are well aware that a lot of business owners may not have the time to dig deep into stats, so we send them this emailed report to quickly show them a summary of their custom program at a glance as well. The email reports show any and all activity occurring from the week before. The report includes: the number of new signups and how they were attained, a breakdown report of each active campaign such as automated text messages, MMS Marketing, Keywords, Mini-URLs and much more.

We feel this report will keep merchants aware of their best performing features of the program and also show them where they need to improve to get the most out of it, generating more and more revenue.

User Dashboard

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