Understanding Your Weekly Activity Report

Each week, you will receive an automated activity report that will show you data which includes “All Time” data since you started your TL Connects program along with the totals from “Last Week.” Located at the top of the report, is any and all sign-up activity, check-ins, (if applicable) & your mini-URL clicks. These are broken into sections and are only displayed if activity was recorded in the last week. Within each section is your activity for the last week and all-time results. The bottom section of the report contains any redemption activity, which is whenever a customer redeems an offer you have created. This section will add up any kind of offers that have been redeemed in the last week, whether it was a Sign-up offer, Loyalty Offer, textALERT offer, etc. Below the totals, are a breakdown of details of which offers were redeemed.
Sample Weeklly Activity Report
At the very bottom of the email, you’ll find two quick links to take you to your dashboard and to start the creation of your next textALERT.

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