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The key to a successful loyalty program is getting customers to join.  No matter how easy the process is or how great the sign-up offer may be, customers still have to know it exists before they can join. So, don’t keep your loyalty program a secret.  The more subscribers you have in your loyalty program, the more subscribers you have to engage, – the more successful it will be.  There is one absolute truth about loyalty programs; they do not work without subscribers! Here are some tips for getting more customers to join your loyalty program:

1. Ask your customers to join.

It is so simple and so often overlooked.  Recently, I visited two restaurants featuring digital loyalty programs and neither one asked me to join or check-in. These were casual dining restaurants with the kiosk at the hostess stand, which makes it harder anyway because the point of purchase is each table. “Pay at the table” processes make it all the more important to ask the customers to join, as they may not notice the kiosk. If you (and your employees) ask customers to join, they most likely will. A super-quick overview of benefits or rewards will only add to the sign-up percentage.  Talking with your customers about your program is definitely the easiest and least expensive way to get the word out about your loyalty program. If you make it a part of your culture for your employees to talk about the program with customers, they will and your database will grow, making your program and your business more successful. Here are some talking points you may be able to use in your business:

“Sign up for our loyalty program today and get a free beverage or $1 OFF (whatever your custom sign-up offer). It takes less than 20 seconds and you’ll receive more great offers in the future.”

While the Hostess is seating the guests or guests are browsing…

2. Great sign-up offers.

Breaking News!!  People like free stuff.  If you offer a good reward as a sign-up offer, people are more likely to join. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item, a free Beverage, Ice Cream Cone or a % off their first purchase work really well for most of our merchants.  It doesn’t even have to be a core product or a regular menu item. Be creative and make sure it has some perceived value, even if it doesn’t cost you that much. People love that!

3. Get #Social

Your social network followers will be glad to hear about your loyalty program. They follow you for a reason – to hear about your business. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise your loyalty program and more importantly the rewards your subscribers are earning.  When someone earns a reward, ask them if you can take their picture and post it on social media. Make it a big deal for them. Content is often hard to come up with and this gives you the perfect content to post. Social media is made for this kind of stuff. People will see their friends or family earning rewards and share your posts or create discussions about them.  Your posting of actual customers with their rewards will get you more business and more subscribers in a short period of time.  You could even start your own special hashtag to use for subscribers to keep them all together and let them post their own pictures online for you.  Again, be creative. You’d be surprised how easy and effective this method could be for your business. More Subscribers - Social Media

4. Use Local Alerts

TL Connects merchants can benefit from Local Alerts.  Merchants can easily and quickly get the word out to local shoppers and residents within a certain mile radius from their location.  This is an effective method to get new business and more subscribers alike. It is also a great way to promote a new product, menu item, event or just fill a typically slow day. One important fact after all these tips: you will have more subscribers in your program if you ask them to join!  That is for sure.

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