60 Days, 5000+ Deeply Engaged Once Upon A Child Consignment Customers Engaged

When you think about loyalty programs you probably immediately think about your favorite coffee shop, ice cream parlor, cupcake shop, restaurant or grocery store.  But TL Connects has found real success in other industries such as the consignment retail business.  It actually makes perfect sense!  As a consumer, when you visit a consignment shop, you’re going for the excitement of hunting for great items. You’re looking for something that you may have missed before or that may have not been there as new inventory is added daily.  What better way to get your customers in the habit of checking out all your new products on a regular basis than with a customer loyalty program?

Recently we signed up another Once Upon a Child in Memphis, TN that had 3 locations and within 60 days they’ve deeply engaged over 5000 unique customers and the product has been used over 7500 times in their custom customer loyalty program. 

60 Day Highlights:

Over 5000 Loyal Subscribers in their digital loyalty program.

30% of their loyal subscribers have already visited a second time in 60 days.

136 offers redeemed, which equates to an estimated $3380 in revenue.

So why does this product work so well at Once Upon A Child and consignment shops?

  • Simple.  When they partnered with TL Connects, they were immediately impressed with how simple it was for their customers to sign-up and earn rewards with our customer loyalty program.  Even the slowest customer only takes 20 seconds to sign-up.
  • Incentive to Sign-Up.  Unlike other reward programs, TL Connects’ digital loyalty program gives the customer an immediate offer for signing up which increases the adoption rates dramatically.  Why wouldn’t you give your customer something for permission to market to them?  In America, it’s become part of our DNA to LOVE instant gratification.
  • Always Offer Value.  As they built their loyal customer database, Once Upon A Child did a terrific job of only communicating valuable information such as offers, or new products with a discount, and fun events.
  • Automation.  We designed the program to engage their customers automatically based on their habits.  So when a customer has not visited in 30 days, our software will automatically send a “we miss you” text, driving that customer back in to spend money.
For more information on how we can help you engage your customers more efficiently, CLICK HERE and schedule a time to join a 15-minute demo, or just pick up the phone and let’s chat now.  Our phone number is 844-611-3220.

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