The Mobile Age and What it Means for Building Customer Loyalty

Think your business can forego mobile marketing strategies? Think you can put those plans off for some future date that may never come? Think again. With more than 82% of all adults owning and using a cell phone, and there existing five times more cell phones in the world than PC’s, the idea of reaching customers through their mobile phones can no longer be ignored. In today’s world, more people own cell phones than own toothbrushes or have indoor plumbing and 91% of these users have that phone within arm’s reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Text messages dominate the use of the cell phone with young adults as they send or receive about 110 messages every day. That number drops for older adults but remains at an average of almost 90 a day for all mobile users. This connection via texts is why brands who use SMS campaigns are able to reach 95% of ALL mobile phone users.

Developing a comprehensive, easy-to-use customer loyalty program through text messaging, not only makes sense for businesses of all sizes, but it is imperative to remaining competitive in a mobile world. By remaining in contact with customers, you create top of mind awareness that will keep them coming back. According to TextMarketer.com, 68% of people would prefer to receive offers by text rather than other media allowing you to contact your customers with the exact messages that they want to see and appreciate receiving.

Creating a fully integrated system that allows you to easily and quickly deliver your message and to monitor your campaign’s success with a user-friendly dashboard and reporting system is simple with TL Connects. Start engaging your customers in order to encourage more repeat visits with mobile loyalty programs through TL Connects.

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