Simple is our mantra. When installing your TL Connects digital rewards iPad kiosk, we made sure you didn’t need a rocket scientist to get it up and running.

When your box arrives, you’ll open it to find your iPad Kiosk with a training manual, instruction card and extension cord.


Step 1: Plug in kiosk.

Step 2: A white apple will appear. Once it finishes powering on, it will ask you to slide to unlock. It will only show this screen for a few seconds. If you miss this screen, simply press the power button located inside the opening on the upper left-hand back side of the kiosk.

Step 3: Once you slide to unlock, you will be on the home page with the settings app and Moki app. Make sure the iPad says Verizon LTE above the settings app before launching your program in the Moki Kiosk App. There is no need to connect to wifi unless your cellular signal is not strong.

Questions?  Give us a call at 615-255-3199 and we’ll be glad to help.

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