Do you know who your loyal customers are? Nearly half of marketers have no idea!

According to 51% of respondents of a RSR Research survey customer retention has become more difficult and building customer loyalty is challenging. This marketing business challenge was the most frequently mentioned among respondents, ahead of both marketing budget constraints owing to an uncertain economy (47%), and fragmentation of customer segments that make it harder to reach customers (41%).

 RSR-Retailers-Top-Marketing-Biz-Challenges-Sept2012-loyal customers

It is extremely difficult, most likely almost impossible to develop customer loyalty and increase customer retention if you do not know exactly who those loyal customers are.

Of course, you know Bill, Susan, John and Claire as they work in the building next door and come in regularly. Plus there are friends, family and the people you went to school with back in the day and the mother of the friend of your niece. But apart from those good folks, do you know who your best customers truly are? If the answer is no, don’t worry you’re not alone.

The RSR data indicates that only 56% of retail marketers believe their company knows who their best shoppers are. Another study by Acxiom and Loyalty360 concluded across the wide range of industries surveyed only 49% of respondents knew who their most valued customers were.

loyal customers - loyalty360-marketers-customer-intelligence-march2012

Ok, so just to summarize, around half of marketers had no idea who their most valued, best, loyal customers are!!!! If we don’t have strategies in place to connect and build relationships with our loyal customers, then the majority of our marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. Engage loyal customers, provide value and work hard to not only offer great products and customer service but strive every day to increase your loyal customer base!

At TL Connects we believe in inspiring businesses to successfully engage their customers more efficiently. We Love Loyalty and help merchants drive more revenue with our digital rewards program by increasing customer frequency, retention and engagement!

Simplicity is the key to success when it comes to customer loyalty programs and several of our partners have over 5000 customers engaged in our program at a single location. One independent frozen yogurt store has over 9000 customers utilizing the program, that is in a city of only 50,000 residents!

Here are three quick tips to help you find out who your best customers are and how to keep them engaged and coming back!

1 – Offer them an incentive to opt-in to your loyalty program in the first place. Your customers are more likely to share their information if there is some instant gratification in it for them. Now you know who they are and have their permission to engage with them.

2 – Don’t confuse them with rewards where they have to collect points. With a set reward after a set number of visits, the customer always knows exactly where they are in the process and what they need to do to obtain the reward, driving them back more frequently.

3 – Surprise and delight them with the occasional textALERT offering a special discount to thank them for their loyalty. Text messaging is currently the quickest and most powerful communication platform.  Use it to your advantage and watch as your loyal customers arrive in droves, and more than likely they will bring a friend as well.

For more information on how we can help you engage your customers more efficiently,CLICK HERE and schedule a time to join a 15 minute demo, or just pick up the phone and let’s chat now. Our phone number is 844-611-3220.

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