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New Juice Bar Creates Raving Customer Loyalty

Wow, how time flies!  Receiving such an AWESOME testimonial from Kent Coley at Juice Bar about how much they and their customers love our digital loyalty program re-energizes our entire TL Connects team as we tirelessly continue to build great engagement products.

“In today’s fast-paced society, sometimes you forget the things you love, and we love that TL Connects automatically sends our customers a personalized “we miss you” text with an offer to come back.”  Kent Coley

In June 2013, a soon to be open Juice Bar in Brentwood, TN was looking for a company to help them quickly and efficiently engage all the new customers they were about to meet and serve.  They wanted a loyalty program that was trackable since consumers in their industry were accustomed to the “Buy 10 Get 1 FREE” punch cards.  Hey, I wonder if there is someone out there that has built a digital punch card?  Oh yes, there is…TL Connects!

Well a year later I’m excited to brag on Juice Bar as they have built a tremendous business and are now expanding.

Customer Highlights over the last year from a single location:

  • 5000+ Loyal Customers in their digital loyalty program.
  • 4500+ Loyal Customers use the digital loyalty program every month.
  • 55,000+ Check-ins at the iPad digital rewards kiosk
  • 3,919 Offers have been redeemed at the iPad digital rewards kiosk
  • 75 Offers Redeemed just last week for a same day two hour happy hour special.

So why was their digital loyalty program so successful? 

  • Simple.  When they partnered with TL Connects they were immediately impressed with how simple it was for their customers to sign-up and earn rewards.  Even the slowest customer only takes 20 seconds to sign-up.
  • Incentive to Sign-Up.  Unlike other reward programs, TL Connects’ digital loyalty program gives the customer an immediate offer for signing up which increases the adoption rates dramatically.  Why wouldn’t you give your customer something for permission to market to them?  In America, it’s become part of our DNA to LOVE instant gratification.
  • Always Offer Value.  As they built their loyal customer database, Juice Bar did a terrific job of only communicating valuable information such as offers, or new products with a discount, and fun events.
  • Automation.  We designed the program to engage their customers automatically based on their habits.  So when a customer has visited in 30 days our software would automatically send a “we miss you” text driving that customer back in to spend money.  That program alone drove in over $5000 in Revenue over the last 12 months.

For more information on how we can help you engage your customers more efficiently, fill out the form to your right and schedule a time to join a 15-minute demo, or just pick up the phone and let’s chat now.  Our phone number is 844-611-3220.

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