How to Increase Social Media Presence with Digital Rewards Platform

Are you trying to engage customers through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms? One of the biggest challenges is getting followers, likes or video views. We’ve laid out several tips to show you how a digital rewards program can help you increase your social media presence.

The number one form of communication is text.  You’re not competing with news feeds when you send a text message.  98% are read and most are read immediately.  Now we’re not saying ditch social media and only use text marketing, but instead, use text marketing to gain more followers, likes, or show off an awesome post with a great video or picture.

Once your customers join your TL Connects digital rewards program, you are going to have permission to engage them through textALERT marketing.  We recommend using a URL shortener such as bit.ly to put in your textALERT.  This gives you the ability to not only save characters on your textALERT, but it also gives you the ability to track the clicks so you can get a sense of your customers engagement and adjust your strategy appropriately.

As you continue to build your social media strategy, you’ll find some great tips from the following article Fast Company posted.


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